NetSpeed Virtual: Repurposing classroom training for virtual learning

Become a Virtual Training Expert with our Deep-Dive Virtual Facilitator Course

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NetSpeed Learning Solutions’ Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification (VFTC) course was specifically designed to help experienced classroom trainers become highly successful facilitators for the virtual classroom.

The VFTC course includes a combination of synchronous learning (using our Adobe Connect webinar platform) and asynchronous, self-paced online learning (at the NetSpeed Fast Tracks™ web site).

High-speed Internet access is required for completion of the program’s online exercises and participation in the webinars. A web camera is highly preferred, but not required.

Students who successfully complete either course will be able to:

  • Design effective virtual classroom exercises using web conference interaction tools
  • Engage learner attention and participation in online learning
  • Repurpose traditional classroom exercises for collaborative online learning
  • Describe best practices for online facilitation
  • Develop and facilitate a 20-minute online learning session
  • Increase learning transfer before, during, and after the facilitated session

The VFTC course takes participants through a rigorous four-week, deep-dive training experience. We introduce you to all the resources you need to ensure that you can deliver powerful, high impact webinar presentations. The VFTC provides 4.5 hours of synchronous facilitated webinars (using our Adobe Connect webinar platform), 6 hours of trainback presentations, between 12 and 20 hours of asynchronous learning content working at your own pace (at the NetSpeed Fast Tracks™ web site), as well as a private coaching session to prepare for each participant's trainback. The course also includes a copy of Cynthia Clay's Great Webinars book.

Throughout the course a NetSpeed Master Trainer provides feedback on your assignments, models effective facilitation practices, and provides detailed feedback on your 20-minute trainback. At the completion of the VFTC course, you may also schedule an additional one-hour coaching session, or invite a NetSpeed Master Host to support your first 60-minute webinar.

The VFTC course is for the trainer who is serious about maximizing their virtual delivery capabilities. It is designed specifically for veteran trainers who demand a more rigorous learning experience to ensure they develop world-class virtual facilitation skills and practices. This course is ideal for solo trainers, for Master Trainers, or for any experienced trainer who would benefit from professional certification as part of their career development.

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Delivery Options: Public VFTC course offered approximately every other month. Private VFTC programs for your organization are available upon request.

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Pre-qualified for
12 credit hours by ISPI

These programs meet the requirements for 12 CPT points to re-certify as a Certificated Performance Technologist (CPT) through the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). For more information, visit