Web Conference Essentials™

Developing Virtual Facilitation Skills

Get your virtual facilitators ready to shine online

Participants learn practical tips and techniques to facilitate engaging web conference training. Designed to give participants an experiential overview of the best practices used in engaging, interactive virtual learning, the Web Conference Essentials webinar training program includes a series of three, interactive 90-minute demonstration webinars. Participants will experience a variety of facilitation techniques and approaches, and complete online assignments that reinforce what they are learning between webinars. A Master Trainer will conduct a 30-minute, hands-on coaching session for each participant.

The Web Conference Essentials (WCE) program is ideal for trainers and organizations that need to quickly assimilate the essential practices for effective virtual facilitation. Sessions are offered through Zoom. All three webinars are delivered in the same week. The program includes approximately two hours of online assignments in support of the webinar classroom sessions.  Access to the Internet and email are required.

Program Objectives

Learn how to:

  • Develop creative training programs using web conference interaction tools
  • Deliver engaging, interactive web training
  • Apply simple techniques to repurpose classroom training for web conference delivery

The course includes:

  • Three, 90-minute webinars delivered by a Master Facilitator and Producer
  • Interactive, online assignments to reinforce learning transfer
  • 30-minute, hands-on coaching session with a Master Producer

If you would like to rapidly build the virtual training skills of your internal trainers, we can deliver a private Web Conference Essentials program in your preferred platform, customized for your audience.

If you want a comprehensive certification program, consider our Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification course.