Great Webinars

Interactive Learning that is captivating, informative and fun

Cynthia Clay's Great Webinars will help you create memorable, collaborative, and truly engaging virtual instructor-led training.

Great Webinars reveals the virtual facilitation best practices for replicating the classroom experience while introducing a level of engagement and interactivity that is possible only in the online synchronous classroom. As training increasingly shifts to virtual instructor-led training, facilitators strive to leverage web and video conferencing to create rich, human learning experiences. Based on solid research in the neuroscience of learning, Great Webinars provides a structured approach to designing and delivering vibrant and engaging virtual training to ensure learning retention.

Learning world, pay attention. This book is a gift to our field. It is written in a smart, authentic, practical, sassy, and easy to follow way. Great Webinars reminds us to bring our participants' experience front and center if we want them to be enthralled, and the learning environment to be enriched. Cynthia Clay lets her own students tell us what is wrong with the current use of webinars and then proceeds to teach us how to build 'em better. It's like having her sit beside you saying, 'Don't worry... I'll get you there.' And she does. My hat is off.
~ Beverly Kaye, Founder/CEO: Career Systems International, Co-author: Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay
In the Middle Ages, one apprentice worked with one Master for seven years in order to learn his craft. Few of us enjoy the luxury of such leisurely learning. The pace of change in the Federal workforce dictate that every agency must find ways to greatly accelerate the pace of learning while preserving the level of interaction, the personal accountability for learning, and the quality of peer-to-peer dialog that we most value in classroom-based programs. Great Webinars provides a profoundly practical and easy-to-follow template for creating and facilitating stimulating webinars that engage learners as active participants, while creating the kind of energetic 'buzz' that is the hallmark of successful learning experiences. The book is sure to benefit both seasoned instructors and subject matter experts who are new to teaching. I sure wish this book had existed when I began conducting webinars back in the mid '90's.
~ Carol Willett, former Chief Learning Officer, US Government Accountability Office
I have worked with NetSpeed Learning at my last two companies. Cynthia is a pioneer in virtual learning and her workshops are engaging, relevant and productive. In Great Webinars, she shares tips and techniques that elevate the virtual classroom experience.
~ Jean Foster, VP of Operations, StrataCore