NetSpeed Fast Tracks: Social Media Tools that Drive Collaborative Learning

Convert Your Classroom Training Courses into Interactive Peer-to-Peer Virtual Learning Experiences

NetSpeed Learning Solutions can help convert your classroom training into highly engaging, interactive peer-to-peer learning using a blend of web conferencing integrated with collaborative web-based learning on your customized, co-branded NetSpeed Fast Tracks web site. It’s the New Blend: engaging facilitated learning combined with self-directed online assignments.

We can help you:

  • Repurpose your classroom training content for highly engaging, interactive web conference training that improves learning transfer, retention and performance
  • Train your internal trainers on how to effectively deliver training in a virtual classroom environment
  • Integrate this synchronous web conference learning with a series of collaborative learning assignments, utilizing the NetSpeed Fast Tracks integrated learning system (with social media tools like videos, podcasts knols and blogs to complete assignments)

Post courses and assignments

Participants collaborate in a learning community at your customized NetSpeed Fast Tracks website, solving on-the-job problems, handling real-world case studies, viewing relevant videos, posting assignments, and engaging their peers in practical learning. With NetSpeed Fast Tracks’ courses feature, you can post course information, include pre- and post-webinar assignments, and invite participants to post their assignments. Only enrolled users can access course content.

Track Assignments

With your custom NetSpeed Fast Tracks courses feature, you are able to track coursework and usage by content item or by person, so you can follow up with participants and coach them to complete assignments.