For Employees at All Levels

Do your employees and supervisors tend to avoid conflict rather than mine it for gold?

Would you like your people to be able to communicate masterfully and manage conflict when it arises? Employees at all levels can learn to be more open and collaborative as they respond to interpersonal challenges.

Skills Developed

  • Communicating openly and authentically
  • Performing with accountability
  • Treating people with kindness and respect
  • Building collaborative partnerships with others
  • Avoiding communication errors that undermine personal effectiveness
  • Transforming challenging situations to productive ones
  • Applying appropriate strategies to reduce the negative impact of conflict
  • Responding constructively to nine difficult behavior patterns
  • Planning and leading productive conversations
  • Defusing personal attacks
  • Handling complaining without taking on someone else’s tasks
  • Gaining commitment to shared responsibility
  • Performing well whatever your boss’s style
  • Choosing wisely even when someone is attempting to manipulate you
  • Communicating respectfully when someone is unaware of their negative impact
  • Gaining acceptance when presenting new information
  • Negotiating deadlines and agreements that work
  • Earning cooperation even when someone is bullying you

Programs Offered for Employees at All Levels

Since 2011, we have helped leaders and teams learn to communicate masterfully, resolve conflict when it arises, and tackle nine challenging behavior patterns that pop up when people work closely together.

Cynthia Clay with her co-author, Ray Olitt, first published their well-regarded book, Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships in 2011. Currently being revised and updated, it will be republished with the title Managing Workplace Conflict in 2021.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Develops the communication and conflict resolution skills of people at all levels in the organization

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NetSpeed Leadership®

Develops the skills of new and emerging managers. NetSpeed Leadership includes eight modules suitable for all employees.

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Blazing Service™

Our modularized, customer service training program is ready to deliver in the traditional classroom or as web workshops

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Delivery Options

We deliver blended workshops either face-to-face or virtually.

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We license the programs to your organization and train your trainers to deliver them

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