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Virtual Producer/Host Course

Every Virtual Facilitator Needs a Capable Virtual producer/host

More and more organizations are discovering the power and effectiveness of webinar-based learning. A mistake many first time webinar presenters make is in thinking that they can fly solo. There is a reason most large scale marketing webinars have a producer/host and a presenter. It's so the presenter or facilitator can focus on the learning content and not get mired down in logistical and technical issues that often can surface in a webinar session. The virtual producer/host performs a critical role supporting the virtual facilitator by managing all the behind-the-scenes aspects that can interfere with and distract from the learning experience, so the facilitator can focus on the needs of the participants.


This training will equip hosts and producers to both support the facilitator and troubleshoot common issues related to the use of their organization’s webinar platform, thus providing effective and immediate solutions to common issues that typically arise during webinar training sessions.

Training Description

The course consists of the following elements:

  • Course Assignments of downloadable resources and educational tutorials
  • 60 – 90-minute interactive web workshop going behind the scenes in your chosen web conference platform*
  • 90-minute web workshop about the host in action in your chosen web conference platform*
  • 90-minute interactive web workshop focused on technology trauma and how to recover from technology issues

* Note: This course is available as a private course, delivered using your organization's preferred web conferencing platform.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Host effective webinar sessions using all of the web conference interaction tools (polling, chat, whiteboards, etc.)
  • Describe best practices for virtual hosting
  • Troubleshoot common technical problems
  • Assist participants with troubleshooting behind the scenes
  • Interact effectively with the webinar facilitator to create a more engaging webinar learning experience for the participants

Assignment Overview

(Approx. 4–5 hours of asynchronous coursework)

Beginning Assignment Set

Our first assignment set will allow learners to:

  • Explain course expectations
  • Read an excerpt from Cynthia Clay’s Great Webinars book about the importance of a producer/host
  • Select and manage audio profiles
  • Set up a web conference meeting
  • Attend a 60-90-minute web workshop

Mid Assignment Set

Our second assignment set will allow learners to:

  • Review sample host scripts
  • Use a job aid on how to manage the rights for annotation and other tools
  • Review job aids and tutorials on managing breakout rooms
  • Attend a 90-minute web workshop

Final Assignment Set

Our final assignment set will allow learners to:

  • Use producer guidelines (best practices)
  • Review job aid on the ways to share videos/YouTube within a web conference meeting room
  • Incorporate a webinar preparation checklist
  • Attend a 90-minute web workshop

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