Managing Workplace Conflict™

Navigate Differences to Communicate with Impact

Transform your workplace relationships, improve interpersonal effectiveness and cultivate a culture of collaboration

The Managing Workplace Conflict training program develops the skills, behaviors and practices that allow employees to communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflict.

Based on the book Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships, the program brings the principles and strategies from the book to life using a combination of discussions, role plays and case studies. Participants interact with the facilitator and with each other to connect the course material with their personal experiences. Skill-building scenarios, videos depicting the different behavior types, and audio clips contribute to an immersive experience that models successful engagement to resolve difficult scenarios.

Program Benefits

Managing Workplace Conflict is designed to foster culture change within your organization — increasing the capacity of groups to be accountable to each other and to their common goals by showing employees how to resolve conflict directly, contribute constructively, and build relational capital. The result is accountable, collaborative work environments that support the organization's key objectives.

The program will benefit anyone having to get results working with and through other people:

  • Managers will improve their ability to direct work, confront difficult behavior and inspire collaboration.
  • Individual contributors will develop their ability to communicate, influence, resolve conflict and achieve results working with others.
  • Organizations will ignite cooperation, accountability and trust.

Managing Workplace Conflict will prove valuable to any organization that:

  • Needs committed employees focused on achieving high standards of excellence
  • Suffers from finger pointing, blame and reduced productivity due to lack of accountability
  • Faces low morale and high turnover
  • Encounters significant employee conflicts and complaints escalated to HR for resolution
  • Experiences missed deadlines, repeated missteps, and unproductive bottlenecks
  • Values constructive conflict and employees who know how to fight fairly
  • Experiences increasingly diverse employee populations in multiple geographic regions
  • Is undergoing significant change or transition such as rapid growth and the addition of new staff

Customizable Modular Design

The Managing Workplace Conflict training program is modularized and completely customizable for maximum flexibility in delivery depending on the needs of your organization. It can be presented in a format as short as three hours or as long as two days. The complete program consists of the following six customizable modules, which can be delivered as face-to-face classroom sessions or as a series of webinar workshops:

  1. Mistakes We’ve Made (And You Can Avoid)
  2. Power Principles and Practices
  3. Strategies for Transforming Relationships
  4. Working with Attackers, Whiners, and Scene Stealers
  5. Working with Drive-by Bosses, Manipulators, and Clueless Colleagues
  6. Working with Faux-Smart Bosses, Slackers, and Bullies

Online Reinforcement and Tracking

Following the training, participants use the online reinforcement tools at NetSpeed Learning Center to ensure learning transfer and application on the job. These tools include a personal self-assessment, planning worksheets, and an interactive, multimedia “virtual coach.” For private sessions, an online administration/reporting tool lets you easily measure the impact of the training program, including third party evaluation.

Delivery Options

We deliver blended workshops either face-to-face or virtually.

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