NetSpeed Virtual: Repurposing classroom training for virtual learning

What customers are saying about the Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification course

I was a participant in the public Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification course, and I must say the timing could not have been better. It was an excellent class and I was able to incorporate many techniques immediately with successful results. I am also writing to give my utmost appreciation for the coaching session I had with the course’s Master Host / Producer. During the class, he was very responsive to all my questions and provided great feedback on my 20-minute train-back. And he was truly exceptional in helping me during my 60-minute coaching session. He provided great advice and tips and helped me crack the nut on an issue that I’ve struggled with for 6 months. Kudos to him and all your staff for their knowledge, expertise, kindness, and professionalism. It was because of these attributes that ‘sealed the deal’ for me to take this course.

-    P. King, President & CEO, King Consulting & Training

I wish I would've taken this course sooner. It's provided me with a different perspective on how virtual training can be perceived. I would recommend this for other trainers who have been tasked with moving from a traditional classroom to a virtual one. Great job!

-    John M., Field Training Manager, Cardinal Health

This is the first professional career development training I have taken that was truly a course. I found the weekly assignments insightful, engaging, and useful. I enjoyed the opportunity to apply what I was learning to the development of my trainback presentation, in stages, as we continued to learn each week. I also enjoyed the opportunity to share and engage with my classmates through the class blog and in the weekly webinars. Also, of immeasurable value was the example that the facilitation team set for all of us. Watching them in action was a virtual facilitation master class in and of itself! What an incredible opportunity to participate in this course.

-    Beth R., Customer Care Training Manager, The Great Courses

The course is the magic potion for optimal learning transfer! I came to this course without any previous experience and I am amazed at how much I learned in a short amount of time. The course was effective due to incorporating both synchronous and asynchronous methods. We were given content in articles and handouts, immediately applied what we learned in class blogs, then reinforced the concepts during the synchronous web workshops through provocative PPT and engaging interactive discussions. Bravo on putting together such a powerful learning experience!

-    Jane D., eCDA Facilitator, Bright Horizons

Although I was a bit nervous going into this class, I now feel much more confident with my abilities to build on this new skill. The lessons, structure, and classroom facilitation exceeded my expectations. The facilitators are expert master instructors and I am very lucky to have had them lead me in this learning process. They made the class fun and info-packed, and I learned so much. They are a grand-slam team. Well done!

-    Sophia J., Field Trainer, Service Corporation International

This course has exceeded my expectations. In my current position, the tools to get me up and running for virtual sessions are scarce. After completing the Virtual Facilitator Training Certification program, I have the tools to conduct successful virtual sessions. I feel confident with the experience I received from this program and have already applied the techniques in a current virtual session.

-    Silvina Snow, Lead Business Trainer, Financial services organization

Having the opportunity to be both a facilitator and participant in the VFTC course was incredibly valuable. It gave me a much broader understanding of the most effective ways to design and deliver virtual training sessions because I was seeing, firsthand, what works and what doesn't. Instead of finishing the course with just a theoretical knowledge of the content, I now have a more integrated, experiential understanding. I also enjoyed the blended learning approach and felt that it was quite comprehensive and appealed to a variety of learning styles. I learned so much from the facilitation team, as well as my fellow students, over these past four weeks. Thank you!

-    Lee Stevens, Learning and Development Consultant, Financial services company, Wellesley, MA

This class really helped me learn new ways to train and this style of learning could save thousands of dollars in corporate travel by allowing training content to happen remotely. They give you the skills you need to create engaging content and be a great presenter!

-    Nancy Brewer, Inside Clinical Specialist, ResMed

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is trying to be a better presenter or virtual presenter of any kind. You cannot go wrong with the investment that you make in this course. You will have an excellent return on that investment. I have already used these ideas on several webinars and have been told by many of my students that my ability to facilitate a webinar has dramatically increased.

-    Ray Lambert, Sr. Manager, Training and Education, NSP North America, Nature's Sunshine

The Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification course went way beyond my expectations. The Master Facilitator, along with the Host and Master Trainer who supported the participants throughout the course, were all clearly committed to our success and provided an excellent learning environment. The most pleasant surprise was that this wasn't one of those "do as I say, not as I do" courses. They all modeled beautifully the very skills they were teaching us to use, so we got first-hand experience in how effective it is. Well done!

-    Helen Graves, Learning Design Consultant

The VFTC course helped me change my whole outlook on virtual training. I have facilitated virtual training for years, and I never considered it could be anything but straight lecture format with a few questions and polls. But this program completely changed my mind about that and made me realize why what I had been doing all these years was not very effective.

-    Charlotte Peters, Senior Consultant, Instructional Design and Development for the Innovative Delivery Solutions Business, Cardinal Health

I thought the NetSpeed facilitators were masterful, and offered great role models for those of us in the fledgling category. Thanks to them for their professionalism. The content presented was equally world class, and will provide each of us with a rich set of resources for quite some time. The structure of the entire course was excellent. The Fast Tracks pre-reads were excellent and the "homework" assignments were anything but trivial. In fact, for me the majority of my learning came from trying to offer meaningful responses to the assignments (which usually require study not only of the NetSpeed-provided references, but also of the input from other participants in the course).

As an ISD for over 25 years, I have attended many webinars and participated in quite a few, and have received good design/delivery guidance along the way. However, this VFTC course raised the ante by a wide margin, providing not only a treasure trove of valuable resources but also an invaluable strategic framework in which to evaluate all such resources and practices. Bottom line: this course makes you work hard to complete it, and the view from the other side is much different as a result.

-    Barry Galloway, Learning Consultant, U.S. Federal Government

This course single-handedly destroyed my cynicism regarding synchronous web training. Cynthia and her team persuasively demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of a asynchronous and synchronous combined instructional model, and left me both amazed at the potential, and excited to instruct it myself!

-    Nate Wallace, Joint Interagency Training and Education Center

Thank you for such valuable, practical training. After completing the program, I am confident that I can design and deliver a highly interactive, collaborative virtual training program running from 20 minutes to 20 hours. I know exactly how to repurpose my classroom programs.

Although I am a veteran trainer, your program engaged me completely. It is a perfect model of excellent virtual facilitation. In addition to learning the skills and techniques, I observed them in action.  Your program has proven to me how engaging and effective virtual training can be, and I can’t wait to create and deliver my own training.

-    Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, Founder, Syntax Training

The Netspeed Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification Course provides webinar facilitators with practical knowledge and skill application in a supportive, interactive learning environment. As someone who was skeptical about webinar training, I am now a firm believer and more importantly, I have the skills and the confidence to deliver effective webinar training.

-  Mary Ann Kmetyk, Applied Performance Strategies, Inc.

I've been in training & development for 20 years focused on leadership development. Over the years, I've been involved with various distance learning tools, though nothing that I thought worked well for leadership development, until now.

The NetSpeed Virtual Facilitator Certification course gave me the skills & confidence to develop and lead virtual classes using web conferencing tools. Posting to the classroom blog gave me the opportunity to interact and share ideas with other training professionals in the course.  The course was highly interactive allowing me to engage with and learn from not only the excellent master trainer but also other participants. The Virtual Facilitator course includes both technical comfort with the tools and facilitation skills.  It was an outstanding learning experience.

-   Katharine Wismer, Independent Training & Development Professional - Leadership Development & Instructional Design

NetSpeed Learning’s Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification course was a well balanced blend of synchronous training using Adobe Connect Pro webinars and asynchronous training assignments through their NetSpeed Fast Tracks curriculum. Assignments helped prepare for the upcoming webinar, the webinar expanded on those concepts and the class members continued to build skills as we continued through the course. Use of the class blog and the interactions during the webinars allowed the participants to fully engage and feel as though we were contributing our experience as we were developing more expertise. The collaborative nature of this course is a great example of best practices in e-learning. Kudos and thanks to the NetSpeed Learning team for a great class and all the new additions to my virtual learning toolbox!

-   Mary Heim, Producer — Cimira Studios-Web Video and Webinar Production Solutions

Thanks for a truly incredible learning experience.  I was at times overwhelmed by the task - and there were times I thought my brain would explode if I put one more thing in there - but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

-    Mary Harter, National Training Specialist, USTA

As a seasoned trainer and facilitator for more than 25 years, my own training and development has always been in a live classroom setting.  The VFTC training was a wonderful opportunity for me and my team to keep in tune with the changing learning landscape by developing skills to keep our organization, and ourselves, professionally competitive. I loved the training process: it was engaging, challenging and results-oriented. Using the new technology and techniques, Cynthia Clay provided support as she introduced us to new skills and challenged us with timely assignments and information. The hands-on “train-back” experience was outstanding and I truly enjoyed it. I realized that I learned tremendous amounts of new knowledge and skills which are already being applied in my work. Thanks to NetSpeed Learning Solutions, Cynthia and her team, for a well-designed and well-executed process!

-   Chris Gatti, Independent Training & Consulting  Business Owner

I really enjoyed participating in this training. I am walking away with so many good experiences. I learned so many techniques that I can apply in my webinars. My office is moving towards virtual classroom and I feel that I am ready to begin as a Virtual Facilitator. I still need to practice and find my own personal style. But now I have tools and resources that will help me succeed. I know more about virtual classroom platforms, software, design and delivery. I can apply all this knowledge in my every day work.

-    Veronica Zabala,   Senior Training Specialist, USDA/APHIS

I am excited to use all of my new tools to successful repurpose all of my webinar training opportunities to ensure learning transfer that is timely and measurable. Having the opportunity to see how all of you used the webinar tools provided me with so many more ideas and best practices.

-    Tonya Perpich, Independent Learning & Development Consultant

The Virtual Facilitator Course was taught in a way that modeled excellent virtual training. Through repurposing content, interaction opportunities occurred frequently that enhanced the engagement and learning. The team at NetSpeed Learning taught this course in such a way as to allow for a deeper understanding of what works in this sometimes tricky learning environment. I have worked as a project manager producing webinars for Microsoft employees and now have my own company and this course definitely gave me more solid ideas to add to my list on audience engagement!

-    Jane Thomas- Producer, Cimira Studios-Web Video and Webinar Production Solutions

I've very much enjoyed the course, and I really have learned so many useful things. I am amazed at how much I learned, and I am equally amazed at how much I am looking forward to learning more about this topic on my own. Part of my amazement is that I'm really not a techno kind of person at all. But these tools are really quite easy to use, very intuitive and really built with learning in mind. And that, I can relate to!

-    Carole Borque, Project Manager, University of Ottawa

I am so very thankful and appreciative for the opportunity to take this course with NetSpeed Learning Solutions! It was truly one of my favorite learning experiences of my entire career. I truly consider the VFTC course as opening many more opportunities for positive impact in my role and my career. I love how it builds on my passion for instructional design as well. I can’t wait to add a whole new layer to our blended learning approach to management development.

-    Steven Williams, Sr. Manager, System Training