NetSpeed Virtual: Repurposing classroom training for virtual learning

Virtual Host Training

Every Virtual Facilitator Needs a Capable Virtual Host

More and more organizations are discovering the power and effectiveness of webinar-based learning. A mistake many first time webinar presenters make is in thinking that they can fly solo. There is a reason most large scale marketing webinars have a host and a presenter. It's so the presenter or facilitator can focus on the learning content and not get mired down in logistical and technical issues that often can surface in a webinar session. The virtual host (sometimes called the producer) performs a critical role supporting the virtual facilitator by managing all the behind-the-scenes aspects that can interfere with and distract from the learning experience, so the facilitator can focus on the needs of the participants.

NetSpeed Learning Solutions' Virtual Host Training* equips hosts and producers to both support the facilitator and troubleshoot common issues related to the use of their organization's webinar platform, thus providing effective and immediate solutions to common issues that typically arise during webinar training sessions.

Training Description

The training will consist of the following elements:

  • Numerous downloadable resources and educational tutorials for Adobe Connect (or their webinar platform, if it’s a customized training)
  • 60-minute interactive webinar focusing on technology trauma and how to recover
  • 90-minute interactive webinar going behind the scenes in Adobe Connect (or their webinar platform, if it’s a customized training)
  • 90-minute interactive webinar of host in action in Adobe Connect (or their webinar platform, if it’s a customized training)

Training Objectives

High-speed Internet access is required for completion of online exercises and participation in the webinars. A web camera is highly preferred, but not required.

Students who successfully complete the training will be able to:

  • Host effective webinar sessions using all of the web conference interaction tools (polling, chat, whiteboards, etc.)
  • Engage learner attention and participation in online learning
  • Describe best practices for virtual hosting
  • Troubleshoot common technical problems
  • Interact effectively with the webinar facilitator to create a more engaging webinar learning experience for the participants

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