NetSpeed Virtual: Repurposing classroom training for virtual learning

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We'll help you get there

As training experts who use technology in the service of learning, we know firsthand what makes virtual learning work because we've done it successfully for years. We help our clients manage the myriad of variables that determine success or failure: the quality of the content, the flexibility of the web conference platform, the presenter's technical skills, and the interactive design of the virtual learning session.

Since 2000, our experienced and talented instructional designers, content producers and master trainers have been creating innovative learning programs that successfully blend traditional and virtual learning design. We understand the power -- and the challenges -- of blended learning. And we are passionate about helping you make the shift from the traditional classroom to the virtual classroom.

Our team of highly experienced consultants and trainers each average at least 20 years in training, organizational development, change management, and human resources. Together we'll help you define your objectives, develop the plans and strategies to meet them, deliver the services, and determine reporting mechanisms.