Virtual Leader program to build collaborative, accountable, high-performing teams in virtual environments

Virtual Leader

Managing and Motivating Virtual Teams

Is it possible to develop a flourishing culture, keep everyone on track, nurture relationships, and manage accountability from a distance? Yes, we think it is, and we can show you how to do it.

Typical Challenges of Leading Virtual Teams

  • Time to meet frequently with virtual team members
  • Ability to monitor work tasks and productivity remotely
  • Time to build relationships with virtual team members
  • Running effective virtual team meetings
  • Coaching team members from a distance
  • Holding team members accountable for results
  • Getting poor performance back on track

Introducing Virtual Leader™

Virtual Leader is a program of five engaging webinar workshops specifically designed to address the skill gaps of the virtual manager. Participants focus on strengthening specific skills needed to build collaborative, accountable, high-performing teams in virtual environments. Each workshop is delivered in a fast-paced, interactive webinar environment that models the kind of interaction possible for virtual collaboration and teamwork.

Five Webinar Workshops

  • The Power of Connection: Building Virtual Relationships – Create rapport and connection by strengthening virtual and social presence in online interactions. (This web workshop introduces the complete Virtual Leader program.)
  • The Power of Web Conferencing: Running Effective Virtual Meetings – Build consensus, solve problems, make decisions, and present information effectively in virtual team meetings.
  • The Power of Calibration: Building Accountability on a Virtual Team – Gain commitment through clear goals and expectations without micro-managing.
  • The Power of Collaboration: Harnessing Individual and Team Strengths   Delegate and assign tasks effectively, hold motivating one-to-one conversations, and increase commitment to tasks and projects.
  • The Power of Celebration: Recognizing Individual and Team Results – Create meaningful work opportunities, celebrate accomplishments, and strengthen personal relationships to increase accountability and commitment.

Companion Program for Virtual Teams

Succeeding in the Virtual Workplace is a single training module that can be used in conjunction with Virtual Leader to help virtual team members become strong partners to their virtual managers.

Delivery Options

Both the leader and team-member versions are available in two delivery options:

  • Synchronous Delivery includes five 90-minute webinars delivered either by your certified trainers or NetSpeed Learning Solutions trainers, backed by asynchronous assignments to further enhance and support the webinar content and activities.
  • Asynchronous Delivery offers the same content without the live webinar component, for teams who find it difficult to meet synchronously or who want to work through the material at their own pace. Course content is delivered on any desktop or mobile device.

Post-Classroom Support and Tracking

Each module includes asynchronous assignments to further enhance and support the webinar content and activities. Participants can track their assignments and interact with each other in a secure virtual environment.