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The Five Common Mistakes of Remote Leaders
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Complimentary webinar

The Five Common Mistakes of Remote Leaders

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

1:00 pm Eastern (12:00 pm Central, 10:00 am Pacific) - one hour

Cynthia Clay, President/CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions

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Webinar Description

As workplaces become more distributed, Managers often find themselves managing remote or virtual team members. This geographic distance sets virtual leaders up to make five critical management mistakes that can reduce productivity, derail teamwork, undermine organizational loyalty, and increase turnover. Without team agreements about expectations and processes, working on a virtual team can feel like floating on a rudderless boat in the ocean.

Remote team members may sense that they are “out of sight, out of mind.” The virtual leader may unintentionally communicate, “No news is good news,” or assume their expectations are clear (“Read my mind”). Failing to leverage appropriate technology can result in boring, unproductive virtual meetings (“Listen up – I’m talking”). Trust may be damaged by frequent micro-management as the disconnected remote managers wonders, “What the heck are they up to?”

Learning Objectives

Join Cynthia Clay to explore these common mistakes and what to do about them in your organization. In this one hour webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize and avoid five common mistakes (based on our research) that undermine remote leaders
  • Explore key leadership practices that create thriving virtual workplaces
  • Reduce multitasking to gain participants’ attention and full participation
  • Bring NetSpeed Learning Solutions’ Virtual Leader program  to your organization to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your remote leaders

Who Should Attend

This webinar has been designed for:

  • Chief Learning Officers and Talent Management Directors
  • Human Resources and Talent Development Directors who want to improve their remote leaders’ skills
  • Anyone interested in developing the skills of virtual leaders to get results across distance

About Virtual Leader™

Virtual Leader is a program specifically designed to address the skill gaps of the virtual manager. Participants focus on strengthening skills needed to build collaborative, accountable, high-performing teams in virtual environments. Each workshop is delivered in a fast-paced, interactive webinar environment that models the kind of interaction possible for virtual collaboration and teamwork.

  • The Power of Connection: Building Virtual Relationships – Create rapport and connection by strengthening virtual and social presence in online interactions.
  • The Power of Web Conferencing: Running Effective Virtual Meetings – Build consensus, solve problems, make decisions, and present information effectively in virtual team meetings
  • The Power of Calibration: Building Accountability on a Virtual Team – Gain commitment through clear goals and expectations without micro-managing.
  • The Power of Collaboration: Harnessing Individual and Team Strengths – Delegate and assign tasks effectively, hold motivating one-to-one conversations, and increase commitment to tasks and projects.
  • The Power of Celebration: Recognizing Individual and Team Results – Create meaningful work opportunities, celebrate accomplishments, and strengthen personal relationships to increase accountability and commitment

Learn more about Virtual Leader at our website.