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Made You Look! Trainer Tips from Cynthia Clay

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

If we are all going to be on camera during our meetings (Microsoft Teams and Zoom), then plan to capitalize on that fact in your virtual meetings and training experiences. Design simple ice breakers to get everyone to come on camera and see everyone else.

For example, try Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, a fast and fun way to get people’s opinions on silly topics. "Thumbs Up or Thumbs down: Who likes cilantro?" Then have everyone look to find the cilantro lovers or haters. Ask a follow up question that requires people to chat: "What does cilantro taste like to you?"

"Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Who is looking forward to sending the kids back to school?" Have everyone check the distribution of happy and sad parents. Then ask a follow up question using chat: What does your student most miss about being at school with their peers?

"Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Who felt particularly productive today?" Have people celebrate the productive people by giving them applause. Then ask a follow up question using chat: "What accomplishment are you most proud of?"

This is a simple activity to help your attendees leverage the visual aspects of video conferencing. It also reinforces the need for everyone to be on camera.

You can also offer everyone the opportunity for people to be off camera for sections of your meeting or training. For example, if groups are reporting back from a breakout session, you might have everyone besides the group reporting out to turn off their web cameras.

Instead of leaving everyone on web camera all of the time which can be exhausting, use web cameras with purpose and intention.

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Posted by Cynthia Clay at 1:13 pm