Blazing Service™

Blended Training Solutions that Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Develop the personal qualities and practical skills that inspire exceptional customer service

The research is clear:

  • The cost of finding a new customer is five times more than the cost of retaining an existing customer
  • 68% of customer defections take place because customers feel poorly treated
  • Reducing customer defections can boost profits by at least 25% and as much as 85%

Blazing Service™ customer service training modules develop customer service skills, helps increase customer satisfaction, and improves customer retention. Designed to meet the learning needs of customer service providers in high customer-contact organizations, Blazing Service offers blended training solutions that combine the best of classroom instruction with easy-to-use web-based reinforcement tools to help employees quickly grasp and apply proven interpersonal and problem-solving techniques.

Gain more satisfied, loyal and committed customers and secure business growth by creating a customer-centric culture within your business.

Blazing Service customer service training programs:

  • Develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  • Reduce customer defections
  • Build long-term customer loyalty

Blazing Service customer service training programs are offered in the facilitated classroom or as virtual customer service training. Both programs include post-class reinforcement tools, as well as administrator tracking, management and measurement tools. Your trainers may be certified in a train-the-trainer certification workshop to deliver either face-to-face classroom or web-conference versions of the program.

Blazing Service Facilitated Classroom

Facilitated classroom customer service training with post-class, online reinforcement tools

Blazing Service Virtual Customer Service Training

Facilitated virtual customer service training with post-class, online reinforcement tools

Blazing Service Modules

Part I

Module 1: Blazing the Service Path
Module 2: Thinking Like Your Customer
Module 3: Winning Customer Hearts and Minds

Part II

Module 4: Solving Customer Problems
Module 5: Handling the Heat
Module 6: Fixing the Systems

Onsite Workshops: A certified Blazing Service facilitator can deliver the Blazing Service program in a two-day workshop at your facilities, or deliver each module one at a time over the course of several days (or weeks), on a pre-established time-table that meets your needs.

In-house Trainers: Certify your own internal trainer(s) to deliver the complete program to your employees. Public or private, onsite trainer certification workshops are available.

Delivery Options

We deliver blended workshops either face-to-face or virtually.

We deliver

We license the programs to your organization and train your trainers to deliver them

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