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Great Webinars

Great Webinars

How to Create Interactive Learning That Is Captivating, Informative and Fun

by Cynthia Clay

Great Webinars will help you create memorable, collaborative, and truly engaging web workshop experiences.

It's hard to beat the face-to-face classroom experience for rich, direct human interactive learning. But many organizations are turning to webinar-based instruction, to save employee time and to mitigate travel expenses (and carbon footprint). How can an experienced classroom facilitator apply their skills in this new, virtual world?

The book, Great Webinars, shows you how to leverage webinar platforms to replicate the engagement and interactivity of the classroom experience in a virtual setting. Based on adult learning theory, Great Webinars provides a structured approach to designing and delivering highly engaging webinars (web workshops). Beginning with an understanding of your audience and your objectives, the book demystifies the technology, and shows how to use the web conference platform to maximize interaction and collaboration. The book prepares you to work around technology snafus you might encounter in virtual learning, and coaches you on presenting a dry run of your web training.

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