NetSpeed Virtual: Repurposing classroom training for virtual learning

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Bring the latest virtual learning strategies to your organization

Virtual learning is more than just setting up a camera and recording a video file or posting worksheets on your company intranet. Successful webinar learning is an immersive, interactive, social medium that enables you to offer content in compelling and exciting new ways -- creating a powerful learning experience that researchers now report solidifies learning and may lead to improved learning transfer.

In addition, because the virtual world is not constricted by the access issues of more traditional training initiatives, the ability to offer valued learning opportunities to a wide audience, over large geographic areas, at any time, is unlimited. Many companies now use web conferencing platforms (such as Adobe Connect Pro and WebEx) to deliver high-impact webinar learning programs. Your investment in these user-friendly technologies will return enormous benefits to your organization. Our team of experienced instructional design experts help organizations like yours repurpose their face-to-face classroom training to work just as effectively as web classroom training. And we can prepare your trainers for the world of collaborative virtual learning through our Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification Course.

The NetSpeed Flawless Implementation Promise

NetSpeed Learning Solutions is committed to helping our customers implement their training programs so that they achieve or exceed their strategic goals. That requires minding details ‒ from the initial needs analysis all the way to providing metrics to the project stakeholders. We support our customers at every step by providing best practices, resources and tools. We take this commitment so seriously that we’ve given it a name: the NetSpeed Flawless Implementation Promise.

Even the best training materials and most experienced trainers won’t be able to achieve your strategic goals unless the program addresses the big picture. That means taking every aspect into account, including management and participant buy-off, dedicated resources, support, follow-up and metrics. That’s why we’ve created a Flawless Implementation Roadmap for each of our training programs and services. We are here to partner with you by providing the process and the tools throughout the entire process, including needs analysis, design / customization, delivery, implementation and finally, evaluation of the results.

Let us work with you to co-create your own flawless implementation.