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When I talk to managers of remote teams, we frequently discuss how easy it is to misread people's intentions when we work in different locations. Without the benefit of seeing someone scurrying around in the workplace looking busy and overwhelmed, we may question why they haven't answered a recent email. It may feel as if they are ignoring their commitments. After we lead a virtual meeting, we may receive little to no feedback from people about how the meeting went. It can feel as if we no longer have the same reference points to know what people are truly thinking and feeling.
This sense of disconnection and isolation can create confusion or conflict on a virtual team. In the Virtual Leader program we introduce the C3 model: Calibrate, Collaborate and Celebrate.  This model recommends that the virtual leader consciously work to get and keep people aligned with the team's goals and expectations. It supports the virtual leader to intentionally increase collaboration by delegating projects to sub-teams. And it encourages the virtual leader to create a culture of celebration where people recognize that their work has meaning and purpose, and their contributions are valued.
Two incidents in the past couple of weeks reminded me how important communication and connection become when we have little face-to-face contact. In one instance, I was awaiting the draft of an article from a colleague in another state. We had agreed on a deadline for her to write a first draft so I could review it and make changes before we submitted it to the editor of a publication. The deadline came and went. No article arrived and there was no communication from her about what happened. In frustration, I emailed and asked for a phone conversation. In that conversation, I explained my concern that we were now three days past the deadline. My colleague apologized and explained the situation that had blocked her from writing the draft. We agreed on a revised deadline which I communicated to the editor. I asked my colleague to communicate immediately if she found she couldn't fulfill the commitment. We got back on track. When we don't work next to someone, regular communication becomes even more critical to reduce misunderstandings and increase trust.
In the second situation, I delivered a face-to-face workshop on how to resolve conflict to an enthusiastic and engaged group of people for a client in another city. After I returned to my office, I received several emails from participants thanking me for the course and offering specific examples of how the content would help them manage more effectively. Receiving immediate, positive, personal feedback is truly a gift. I was blown away that these managers took the time to say, "thank you." It was a great reinforcement of why virtual leaders should consciously build cultures of celebration and appreciation. I have a little rosy glow as I type this newsletter. My work is valued! It made a difference! That's the way we want everyone on our virtual team to feel.
If you want to train your remote leaders in the techniques that virtual workers value, check out the Virtual Leader program at We can deliver this five-web workshop program for your virtual leaders, or we can certify your internal trainers to deliver it.
To learn more about building a high-performing virtual team, join us for our next complimentary webinar Rocking the Virtual Workplace: Leading High-Impact Virtual Teams, on Wednesday, April 17, 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT.
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