NetSpeed Learning Solutions December 2018
The Challenges Faced
by New Leaders

A professional services client has recently restructured and promoted some talented new people into their first management roles. Over the years, their engineers and scientists were promoted into management roles primarily based on their technical expertise. They managed other staff members who shared their expertise in the same discipline. The respect they received from others was tied to their technical competence. Now, they have restructured the organization so that their first-level managers lead team members across multiple states in different disciplines. It's challenging!
We have partnered with this organization to build their managers' skills using modules from the NetSpeed Leadership program, supported by micro-learning and social learning at our NetSpeed Fast Tracks website. In a recent one-day workshop that kicked off the program, we explored the goal-setting, constructive feedback, and coaching techniques used in high-functioning, productive organizations. This group of 35 managers had many questions:  
  • What coaching approaches work with people who have more technical expertise and experience than I do?
  • How do I manage people who have greater seniority?
  • What can I do to build rapport with people I rarely see face to face?
  • How do I earn the respect of the colleagues I manage when I don't share any knowledge of their technical discipline?
  • Is it possible to coach others above me? Is it possible to coach my peers?
  • How do I give constructive feedback without creating defensiveness?
  • How do I help people discover their inner "drive" so that they are motivated to achieve even more?
As you can tell, these were smart people with great questions. We had a lively, productive day helping them improve their goal-setting methods, learn how to coach with constructive feedback, and develop mentoring approaches to use with experienced colleagues.
To learn more about organizations like yours who are developing new leaders for their first management roles, join us for our next complimentary webinar, Preparing New Leaders for Frontline Management, on Wednesday, December 12, at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT.
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Cynthia Clay
For the New Year!
Advanced Virtual Facilitator Training:
Leveraging Cognitive Principles for
Superior Virtual Classroom Experiences
Start the year off with solid professional development. Register for our newest course, designed for virtual learning professionals who want to develop advanced virtual design and facilitation skills!
If you want to leverage the neuroscience of learning to design and facilitate extraordinary online learning experiences, register now. We've built this course incorporating 12 brain-based learning principles (six for engagement and six for retention).
Limited to eight participants, the course is experiential, participatory, and hands-on. Facilitated by Cynthia Clay and Sherry Johnson-Metz, this advanced course requires previous certification in a virtual facilitator course delivered by NetSpeed Learning Solutions (or a comparable virtual training course).

By the end of this six-week course, you will be able to:  
  • Incorporate brain-based engagement and retention principles in the blended virtual classroom (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Evaluate virtual course designs to increase learner attention, engagement, and retention
  • Boost collaborative learning and on-the-job application in blended virtual courses
  • Audit any virtual course design to leverage the neuroscience of learning for maximum results
  • Apply facilitation practices to increase engagement and knowledge retention

What You'll Experience  
  • Two 90-minute web workshops modelling the virtual skills and practices
  • Online assignments integrating the 12 brain-based principles into your techniques
  • Hands-on coaching with a NetSpeed Learning Solutions Master Trainer
  • Experience designing a complete blended virtual course
  • Delivery of a 20-minute trainback experience
  • The opportunity to observe and give feedback to your peer professionals
  • Valuable feedback from your colleagues and the Master Trainer

Course Schedule

February 5

Course Opens
Introductory Assignments Online

February 12
10:00 am PT/
1:00 pm ET

Web Workshop 1: Brain-based Learning Principles for Maximum Engagement
(90 minutes)

February 19
10:00 am PT/
1:00 pm ET

Web Workshop 2: Brain-based Learning Principles for Maximum Retention
(90 minutes)

March 5-6
10:00 am PT
1:00 pm ET

Trainback Delivery (Observation and Feedback)
(Five hours)

Total Time Investment: 24 hours = 8 hours (synchronous) + 16 hours (asynchronous)
Price: $2,000 per person ($1800 with 10% discount if payment is received on or before December 15, 2018).
Learn More and Register Now!  Course is limited to eight participants. We still have a few spots open and we'd love to have you join us.

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Achieving Maximum Retention: Brain-based Principles for the Virtual Classroom
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