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What Do Your Customers Expect From You?
By all accounts, it's getting harder to exceed our customers' expectations in this wired, digital world. So I smiled with pleasure when I read this comment from a new customer today:

"Thank you and your team for honoring our understanding. If this is any indication of your service and product, we're already blown away."   

What prompted that glowing comment? A misunderstanding about the scheduling of a private course we are offering! When we discovered the problem, we quickly addressed it and honored our client's wishes.
Customer service research consistently reveals that our clients don't expect us to be perfect, but they do expect us to be knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible. When we realized we had a problem, we quickly discussed the possible remedies and the experience we wanted to create for our client. We want our clients to LOVE partnering with us. With that as a guiding value, it was easy to determine the best resolution.
What is the experience that your organization wants to create for your customers? The trend emerging now is that many Millennials prefer to purchase products and services online and solve problems immediately through vendors' websites and mobile applications. They often avoid talking to real people until they absolutely have to (usually because they haven't found the information they need online). By the time they make it to a customer service representative, they are often irritated or frustrated. Customer-facing staff must be knowledgeable and well-trained to handle them at this critical juncture.
At the same time, many Traditionalists and Baby Boomers still prefer that human touch, often picking up the phone to call a live person or driving to the brick-and-mortar location to get help. They might not know or care that there is a mobile app they could use to quickly accomplish the same task. The challenge for organizations is to provide multiple touch points for the differing needs of their diverse clients and customers, with every touch point exceeding their customers' expectations.
If you'd like to learn more about how to create customer experiences that earn their loyalty, join us at our next one-hour, complimentary webinar, Customer Engagement in a Digital World, Wednesday, June 21 at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PD.
Download an infographic that summarizes the new normal as our customers engage with us in a digital world. 

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Cynthia Clay

Virtual Trainer Tips:
Give Yourself Clues!
Cynthia Clay
Because we've had some staffing changes here at NetSpeed Learning Solutions, in the process of onboarding some new facilitators and new hosts/producers, I've had the privilege (and the fun!) of delivering several online web workshops for our clients.
Being back in the driver's seat for virtual workshops has driven home some ideas I want to share. To prepare for a delivery, I review the facilitator guide to recall the content and the process, but I don't want to be dependent on that facilitator guide as I deliver online. I want to be so well-prepared that I can comfortably facilitate, on camera, making virtual eye contact with my learners, without the need to check my notes.
To meet these objectives, I try to give myself clues about what I'm doing for each slide. We recommend the use of icons for the kind of interaction or activity expected (polling, chat, annotation tools, emoticons, voice dialogue, etc.). These icons can be discretely placed in the lower right or left of the slide.
Make sure that discussion questions posed for chat or voice dialogue appear as text on the appropriate slide. Participants often need to see a question (not just hear it) before they can process it and respond. While discussion is occurring, they can look again to remind themselves of the question on the screen. This simple practice keeps everyone on track and eliminates the need for you to repeat the question several times.
Finally, make sure that exercise or activity instructions are typed out on a slide, step-by-step, for everyone to see and follow. Review those instructions aloud and ask people to chat any questions they have before you begin. You can also request a green check if everyone is ready to begin the activity.
These simple adjustments can give you clear clues as to what you are supposed to be doing in your web session and help you deliver your next workshop flawlessly.

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