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That First
Management Role
I remember my first management role and the challenges I faced as I took on the task of supervising a team of people that were formerly my peers. I had a host of feelings about this new responsibility: I was excited, nervous, proud of myself, worried, and confident. As you can see there were conflicting emotions at work!
I boldly assumed this supervisory role. Despite my best intentions, I was often surprised by the lack of cooperation I received from some of my direct reports. That resulted in me doubling down on my directions, insisting that people do it "my way" or at least try out my creative ideas for improving things before dismissing them. I was completely caught off guard, a few months later, when one of my employees quit and gave her reasons for leaving as "my supervisor." I'm grateful now that she gave me the push I needed to develop my management skills. I needed to learn how to get work done through people, how to coach and delegate, how to inspire and guide, and how to hold people accountable.
The NetSpeed Leadership® management skills development program grew out of my passion for helping emerging leaders learn how to manage others confidently and successfully. There are five leadership guidelines that effective leaders use to stay balanced and focused:  
  • Create an Optimistic Climate
  • Build Collaborative Relationships
  • Encourage Exceptional Performance
  • Focus for High Impact
  • Cultivate Trust 
Each leadership guideline includes five leadership behaviors that skilled managers rely on to successfully lead their people. As an example, the first leader behavior, "Create an Optimistic Climate," asks leaders to consistently project enthusiasm. Here is an example of how a new leader might take action on this leader behavior, from my ebook, The Other Side of the Desk: Five Leadership Guidelines for New Managers:

Do others tell me that I consistently project optimism?
The key word in this question is "consistently." You can't be up one day and down the next. Your employees want to trust your optimism and faith in the organization's future, the department's goals, or their performance. Your optimism is expressed in your facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, and written or spoken words.
Take Action
As you prepare to lead your next meeting, review the agenda. Are the challenges or problems phrased using positive words and messages? If not, rephrase the issues to encourage optimism.
As you write your next email, check your point of view. Is it constructive and "can do" or focused on negative or judgmental messages? If necessary, edit the message to focus on the positive, even if you are making suggestions or corrections.  

Most new leaders don't begin to manage others successfully without training and coaching. If you are responsible for developing these critical leaders, join us in May as we focus on
Preparing New Leaders for Frontline Management  in a 60-minute webinar, on Wednesday, May 23, 1 pm ET / 10 am PT.

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If your organization is considering any of our programs and services, now is the time to take advantage of our current pricing. We would love to work with you in 2018. Please contact us at and let's talk.

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