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Customer Service
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What is a happy, satisfied loyal customer worth to your organization? Ask yourself, how much is your business worth to companies you do business with?
Let's see. I have two Havanese dogs that I take to the groomers every six to eight weeks to the tune of $750 a year. My family eats out at a favorite Italian restaurant at least 20 times a year, spending well over $1,500 each year for the family-friendly vibe and great food. I shop at a favorite clothing store every few months, filling up my closet with comfortable, colorful clothes (there goes another $1,000 every year). Our company banks with a national bank that charges us service fees on our accounts and interest on our credit cards and lines of credit.
In every one of these examples, our family and our business could go elsewhere. So what keeps us buying, shopping, splurging, and relying on these establishments? What I've experienced personally, and what is confirmed by research, is that the customer experience has become an increasingly important factor in attracting and retaining customers. It's not enough to provide convenient, timely, friendly, accurate service. Those factors are certainly important, but companies now compete on the basis of the customer experience from every touchpoint they have with an organization, both personal and digital.
One of our clients in the hotel industry has integrated our customer service program, Blazing Service, into their call center orientation program. Previously, their customer service representatives were trained mostly on how to use the phone system and the reservation software to respond to customer calls. They now believe that one of their key competitive advantages is how authentically their representatives respond to customer inquiries. It's their ability to create a warm, welcoming experience for their customers that matters. They see their call centers as a crucial first point of contact.
Today I was late picking up my dogs at the groomers. The new owner charged me a $30 late fee. I do take responsibility for losing track of the time, but it's also true that they called only once and didn't leave a message. I diplomatically explained that we had never been late before, and asked if she would consider waiving the late fee. She told me that if she waived it for me, she would have to waive it for everyone. I paid the late fee but I was not happy.
As I drove home with my dogs, I realized that in that single action she had transformed my customer experience. Where I had once felt like a valued customer whose dogs they loved to care for, now they thought of me as an inconvenience. Then I remembered that the last time I was there, I had to wait half an hour because the dogs weren't ready when they said they were. Back at home, I looked online to find a new groomer, one with five-star reviews that is located much closer to my neighborhood. I booked our next appointment there .
In a world of competition, your customers often have plenty of options to choose from. It's not enough to groom dogs well; you have to gratify customers. Your competitive edge is the customer experience, from first contact to last.
Join us in March as we focus on developing extraordinary customer services skills in our 60-minute webinar, Customer Engagement in a Digital World, on Thursday, March 15, 1 pm ET / 10:00 am PT.  

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