Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships

What Readers are Saying about Peer Power

“This book should be required reading for all team members, whether it is a project team or a small organizational team. The framework and vocabulary in this book are invaluable for day-to-day team experiences, especially when dealing with 'unique' behaviors.

“If you are the leader, get it for the whole team. If you’re a team member get it for yourself.”

~ Ben Snyder, Systemation, CEO

“Who hasn't had a communication problem with a peer? The authors have outlined five clear and sensible strategies to use for a lifetime of continued peer interaction. Not that it won’t happen again, but this will help when it does! Cynthia & Ray are brave for sharing their own stories of poor communications. It certainly helps readers feel as if they are not alone in their communication missteps. Their experiences will stay with you!

“Bravo to the authors!”

~ Beverly Kaye, Founder/CEO: Career Systems International,
Co-author: Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay

Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships is my pocket coach. Useful, insightful, and immediately applicable, the book is a life saver in building business relationships and resolving conflicts. It has revitalized my commitment to make the time to focus on building relationships with my colleagues despite the demands of challenging times and circumstances.”

~ Pamela J. Schmidt, Executive Director
ISA—The Association of Learning Providers

“Whether you’ve been working fifty days or fifty years, you need this book! Its pages are chock-full of valuable insights into others—and more importantly, into yourself. Cindy and Ray’s amazing tools will help you discard any old habits that have perpetuated difficult relationships. You will easily recognize the ‘people’ described, and be able to empower yourself in repositioning your own relationships.

“I recommend making this book a personal assignment. You’ll see the results the very next day. ”

~ Maryann Nelson, C-Suite Business Consultant and Executive Coach

“This book offers tools for improving interpersonal relationships, with the improvement always starting ‘at home.’ The content is presented for quick comprehension. Cynthia and Ray have gone to extraordinary lengths to deepen the readers’ understanding of each concept and strategy with real life examples, along with questionnaires at the end of each case chapter. The book is evidence of the authors’ rich experience in working with individuals and groups to improve interpersonal relationships.”

~ Nancy Scholl, CFO, Wright Hotels, Inc.

“We all work with difficult individuals—be they colleagues, bosses, subordinates, vendors or customers. Peer Power tells relevant stories, gives concrete examples of solutions and provides real tools to repair relationships with these individuals. Practicing these tools improves effectiveness, reduces stress levels, helps build our company and makes this a better place to work!”

~ Karen Howlett, Owner/President, McSweeney Steel Company

Peer Power is a great resource, full of practical suggestions for employees, managers and leaders. Cynthia Clay and Ray Olitt have gone beyond giving us the usual platitudes for dealing with difficult co-workers. Through a series of case studies, they outline specific steps one can take to improve relationships across the board in a company or organization. I highly recommend Peer Power.”

~ Fred Allemann, National Learning Manager
United States Tennis Association

“Cynthia Clay and Ray Olitt propose principles and strategies that can significantly increase your productivity and satisfaction in working relationships, especially tough ones. They describe several familiar and troublesome ‘mistakes’ workmates often make, then help us avoid them by applying four essential principles and five key strategies. As a long-term executive coach and organization development consultant, I find their counsel invaluable in helping any person earn the trust and respect of their colleagues. Peers can create their own ‘power’—by establishing perceptions that they are credible (demonstrating competence, propriety, and positive intent) and that there is high potential for mutual benefit in their working relationships (affirming for each colleague that his/her and their objectives will be met).

Peer Power is a valuable addition to each working library!”

~ Ron Scott, Principal, Scott Associates

Peer Power gives more than just insight into complex relationships at work—it offers real solutions to improve those relationships. Reading Peer Power, I felt as if Cynthia and Ray were at my side, teaching me about the various problems coworkers present, and showing me how to address those problems using relevant examples and scenarios. The practices proposed really work to enhance productivity and collegiality.”

~ Shelly Crocker, managing member of Crocker Law Group PLLC and Resolve Legal PLLC

“Strangely enough, despite our shared humanity, interacting with other people remains the most challenging aspect of work. We all need a ‘How-To’ book on building and repairing relationships. Peer Power is just that book. Cynthia and Ray combine social science with experience and common sense to give us a practical guide to creating happier (and more productive) times in the workplace.

“Regardless of your role—executive, manager, or coworker—read this book. To quote Chapter Two: ‘Take Responsibility.’ Your organization will thank you!”

~ Ron Gajewski, President, Beyond ROI, Inc.,
The Measurement Experts

“If you are looking for a practical and engaging book to help you transform your interpersonal relationships, read Peer Power. You will find the key principles and strategies eye opening, simple and powerful. The case studies will help you better understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. The cheat sheets and worksheets throughout the book will help you diagnose and devise your own solutions to refine and build your interpersonal relationships at home or at work.”

~ Ghenno Senbetta, Learning Team Leader
US Pipelines & Logistics, BP America Inc.

“This book gives you practical insights into how you react to people today and what you can adjust in order to get the results you need. As you explore more deeply into what is happening with others, this book will shed light on what is blocking you from getting the results you want. No matter where you are on the scale as a communicator, you will gain new perspective when you read this book and apply what you learn.”

~ Anne Warfield, CSP & Outcome Strategist,
Impression Management Professionals