Managing Workplace Conflict: Transforming Workplace Relationships

Nine Behavior Patterns of Challenging
Co-Workers and Bosses

Managing Workplace Conflict introduces nine common co-worker behavior patterns that can negatively impact your projects. Here are four of them:

And here are five more...

The Whiner

The coworker who complains without taking responsibility for improving conditions that surround her

The Scene Stealer

The peer who sets about building her reputation at your expense

The Drive-by Boss

A leader who ignores some of his key management responsibilities and doesn’t meet the needs of his subordinates or the organization

The Clueless Colleague

A coworker who is insensitive to her negative impact on the work environment

The Faux-smart Boss

The boss who has unrealistic confidence in his own ideas and skills, often accompanied by a lack of confidence in his employees

Rather than demonizing these challenging co-workers, you will learn Four Essential Principles (Be Real, Take Responsibility, Build Relationships and Extend Respect) and how to apply five effective strategies to transform your workplace relationships, turning that clueless colleague into a considerate teammate or the whiner into a problem solver.