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NetSpeed Leadership Online Demo

You are about to take an interactive tour of The NetSpeed Coach Learning Center. Below is a description of the online learning tools you will be able to preview for the module, Working with Communication Styles. In this demo, you will see the actual online resources available to participants who have completed the NetSpeed Leadership classroom experience for this module.

These materials are to be used after the classroom session, to extend and reinforce the learning experience and provide tools for learning transfer to the job.

Read below for the technical requirements in order to access the Electronic Magazine and NetSpeed Coach.

NetSpeed Electronic Magazine

This colorful four-page "e-zine" provides you with a series of short, crisp articles, case studies and role model interviews, to help reinforce key learning concepts presented in the classroom. (Typical time to complete: 15-20 minutes.)

NetSpeed On The Job

These worksheets help you apply key concepts from this training module to specific issues you are facing on the job. You can use this tool whenever you want to, as often as you like. Save your worksheet, edit it, print it out, or create as many new worksheets as you'd like. No one has access to your worksheets but you. (Typical time to complete: varies - depending on the level of detail you choose to provide.)

NetSpeed Coach

This interactive, multimedia experience features a series of questions to let you review the key principles from the classroom session, test your responses to real-life management situations, and receive immediate feedback from a "virtual coach." (Typical time to complete: less than 20 minutes.) At the end of NetSpeed Coach, you will be asked to complete a brief Evaluation Feedback Form about how you are applying what you learned in your NetSpeed Leadership training module. (Typical time to complete: less than one minute.)

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