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Keynote Topics

Cynthia Clay delivers engaging presentations on many topics related to leadership skills and virtual learning, including:

Transforming Miscommunication and Conflict With Peer Power

Develop your ability to bring open, honest communication to all of your workplace relationships. Learn simple techniques to influence peers constructively. Deal with nine common behavior patterns that bedevil people at work.

Cynthia Clay video interview: Peer Power Hear Cynthia describe Peer Power in this video interview.

Cynthia Clay webinar: Peer PowerCheck out Cynthia in action in her latest webinar.

Great Webinars: Crossing the Chasm to High-Performance Virtual Delivery

Without the tools or skills to cross the chasm, novice facilitators find it difficult to achieve high-performance in the virtual arena. If you believe that the virtual classroom can be as exciting, meaningful, and relevant as the face-to-face classroom, then join Cynthia at this practical and inspiring session.

Cynthia Clay

Hear Cynthia describe Great Webinars.

Cynthia Clay webinar: Great WebinarsGet a preview of Cynthia in action in the Great Webinars online session.

Dazzle Your Customers with Blazing Service

Did you know? It can cost five times more to gain new customers than retain existing ones. In fact, reducing customer defections can boost profits by 25 to 85%. Develop the interpersonal and problem-solving skills of your customer service providers. Learn to dazzle and delight those customers, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Cynthia Clay Podspot: Building Customer LoyaltyListen to Building Customer Loyalty, featuring Cynthia’s avatar.

Leading Collaborative Virtual Teams

As advancing technology and globalization continue to impact many organizations, it's clear that virtual teams require consistent attention, direction, and recognition from managers. Strong work relationships remain critical to drive productivity and support innovation, trust, and nimble teamwork. But building and maintaining strong relationships becomes challenging as teams become more dispersed. Learn how to excel as a virtual team manager, applying the key practices that will ensure your leadership effectiveness with people you don't see every day at work.

Cynthia Clay Webinar: Leading Collaborative Teams

Watch Cynthia deliver the Leading Collaborative Teams webinar.

In addition to these topics, Cynthia regularly presents on topics from the NetSpeed Leadership program: 24 courses on topics for managers and supervisors.

Cynthia Clay NetSpeed Leadership Webinar: Delegating Smartly

Watch Cynthia present Delegating Smartly to a webinar audience.

Cynthia Clay speaking at ASTD International Conference 2011