NetSpeed Virtual: Repurposing classroom training for virtual learning

What Readers are Saying about Great Webinars

"Learning world, pay attention. This book is a gift to our field. It is written in a smart, authentic, practical, sassy, and easy to follow way. Great Webinars reminds us to bring our participants' experience front and center if we want them to be enthralled, and the learning environment to be enriched. Cynthia Clay lets her own students tell us what is wrong with the current use of webinars and then proceeds to teach us how to build 'em better. It's like having her sit beside you saying, 'Don't worry... I'll get you there.' And she does. My hat is off."

~ Beverly Kaye, Founder/CEO: Career Systems International, Co-author: Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay

"In the Middle Ages, one apprentice worked with one Master for seven years in order to learn his craft. Few of us enjoy the luxury of such leisurely learning. The pace of change in the Federal workforce dictate that every agency must find ways to greatly accelerate the pace of learning while preserving the level of interaction, the personal accountability for learning, and the quality of peer-to-peer dialog that we most value in classroom-based programs. Great Webinars provides a profoundly practical and easy-to-follow template for creating and facilitating stimulating webinars that engage learners as active participants, while creating the kind of energetic 'buzz' that is the hallmark of successful learning experiences. The book is sure to benefit both seasoned instructors and subject matter experts who are new to teaching. I sure wish this book had existed when I began conducting webinars back in the mid '90's."

~ Carol Willett, former Chief Learning Officer, US Government Accountability Office

"This book is exactly what I needed. I just delivered my first online workshop, and I would not have known where to start without the course and this book as well. It is loaded with information. I marked many parts to go back and reflect on.

The book is very easy to read and very clear. It takes you step by step, point by point, through what you need to know.
"There's nothing like the live interaction like we had in the course, but having the book is the next best thing."

~ Nancy Kohutek, Director of Education and Training, Coldwell Banker

"When I finished the virtual facilitation course, I had everything I needed to design and deliver my own successful web workshops, and it is all captured in this practical, detailed book. Thanks to this training and inspiration, I am launching my first online workshop next month. This guide contains everything a training professional needs to create and facilitate great classes online. It's terrific!"

~ Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, founder of Syntax Training

"My first practice attempt at facilitating a webinar during Cynthia's course was a bit shaky, but I learned a lot. It gave me a better appreciation for what can be accomplished. With practice, I believe I can help us take our training to the next level. I will keep this book by my desk as a reference for all the great tools that will keep my participants engaged."

~ Stan Pietrzak, Senior Manager, Pfizer Specialty Markets Training

"The form of virtual learning presented in this book - not just webinars but all the interactive tools such as polling, chat, whiteboards, and collaboration - is how training professionals will be training from here on out. In her course and with this book, Cynthia has set the expectation of what a professional virtual trainer should be able to do. As training professionals, it is imperative that we take this approach seriously, and that we master it with the same level of professionalism as when we mastered classroom facilitation."

~ Jeanette Nyden, founder and president of J. Nyden & Co.

"Because of economic and geographic reasons, we're all doing more virtual facilitation, but there's very little out there in terms of resources. Cynthia's book is a wonderful resource. Her approach is practical, sharp and smart, not too theoretical. The book explains all the tools well, and breaks everything down in a straightforward way with checklists and other easy to follow guides. Cynthia's approach has revolutionized how I will do training going forward."

~ Amy K. Zinman, Director of Learning, Nixon Peabody LLP

"Cynthia has taken a complex topic and provided a step-by-step plan for successfully repurposing training for the virtual environment. The tools and samples she provides are a testament to her vast experience in the 'repurposing' arena - we can all learn from her successful efforts."

~ Dan Roberts, President of Ouellette & Associates and Contributing Author, Leading IT Transformation

"Darn it! I can no longer multi-task when trainers have taken Cynthia Clay's strategies, tools, techniques to heart. I am too involved. Cynthia has created a new bible for virtual instruction. Great Webinars: How to create interactive learning that is captivating, informative and fun provides the tools, techniques and strategies to transform your professional approach to virtual training forever. It is a must read for any trainer who wants to create outstanding virtual learning experiences."

~ Mary McGlynn, President/Partner, PowerSpeaking, Inc.

"Cynthia Clay's approachable and personable teaching style shines through in this book. Applying these key principles of 'participant-centered learning' will literally bring your webinars to life. Great Webinars will show you how to draw on the collective wisdom of your audience so that participants stay engaged and have fun learning. As companies trim budgets, web based learning is quickly becoming the preferred mode of training, and you don't want to be left in the dust!"

~ Theresa Chambers, Chief Motivation Officer, Recognition Works

"The wave of the future is how to deliver great content in a fun and engaging way without being in the classroom. Here is the book that will show you how to do just that! Avoid the pitfalls that cause so many online programs and webinars to fail. A must read for those who expect to be a global business!"

~ Anne Warfield, CSP & Outcome Strategist, Impression Management Professionals

"After having first participated in NetSpeed Learning's "Virtual Facilitator" program with Cynthia Clay, then reading her book, I completely changed my attitude regarding the validity of a virtual learning classroom. Not only has Cindy put the adult learning principles into practice, she has created an approach to the design, development and delivery of a virtual workshop that is potentially more engaging than being face-to-face. Great Webinars captures all the essentials to creating a great on-line learning experience. The audiences we develop at the USTA are large and geographically dispersed. They are physically and financially impossible to reach in person. Thanks to the lessons learned in this book, we can now move full speed ahead with our e-learning strategy and I can now feel confident we will be teaching versus simply reaching our customers."

~ Karen Pacent, Director, Learning & Leadership Development, United States Tennis Association