NetSpeed Fast Tracks: Social Media Tools that Drive Collaborative Learning

Virtual Learning

The Internet has transformed today's model for learning. Here are six compelling reasons why you should incorporate NetSpeed Fast Tracks' just-in-time, online learning as part of your next training program:

  1. Today's companies have more workers telecommuting from home or on the road, with little opportunity for face-to-face contact.
  2. Multiple generations now work together, yet research tells us that different generations learn in different ways. Often the younger generation does not have the same patience with face-to-face classroom learning and may actually prefer learning in a virtual classroom.
  3. As more workforces are globally distributed, information needs to be accessed from anywhere 24/7.
  4. Up to 97% of US organizations report critical skills gaps.
  5. Today 70% of US employees report that they are "not engaged" or "are actively disengaged." Retiring boomers often drain tacit (tribal) knowledge when they leave, but with a content management system, that information can be captured and shared long after they're gone.