NetSpeed Fast Tracks: Social Media Tools that Drive Collaborative Learning

Provide cost-efficient, flexible, easy-to-manage learning initiatives with NetSpeed Fast Tracks  

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to join the 21st century. Bring your training initiatives to NetSpeed Fast Tracks™ and enjoy all the benefits of a turnkey, launch-ready platform that you can access through the Internet, or from your own intranet or learning platform. Here are just a few practical ways you can use NetSpeed Fast Tracks:

  • Share just-in-time information about your products, services and practices across your entire organization
  • Provide safe, password protected 24 X 7 access to learning content
  • Record and archive your company’s tribal knowledge using an easily accessed and managed web-based application
  • Provide downloadable content to mobile workers
  • Reinforce classroom training with online access to podcasts, videos, expert interviews and knols
  • Offer well-educated employees the opportunity to participate in a peer-to-peer learning forum

Site Administrator Features:

With our site administrator tracking and reporting tools, your designated company representative will be able to:

  • Track the number of users accessing your site within your organization
  • Track and report on what content has been viewed the most and least, how often and when
  • Track and report on individual user activity

Create a Private Version of NetSpeed Fast Track

With a privatized version of NetSpeed Fast Tracks, your site administrator will be provisioned with all the tools you need to create content specific to your organization.  Your site administrator will have complete authority to determine which pre-existing content to include from the extensive NetSpeed Fast Tracks library, along with your own custom learning material.  We can also work with you to create custom elements, such as personalized avatars or videos, through NetSpeed Interactive, our virtual solutions arm.

“Privatized” sites are branded with your organization's logo and color scheme, and will be hosted on our platform.  Your site will only be available to individuals in your own organization with access password protected so that only designated employees will have usage rights.