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Case Studies

NetSpeed Fast Tracks

Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia

Interactive Learning Platform Creates a Successful, Engaging Learning Experience for Students Across a Vast Geographical Area

The Situation

The Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia (MVSA) is an independent agency created by the Canadian government to ensure that business practices and consumer protection laws are properly adhered to by more than 1,700 motor dealers andmore than 7,000 sales professionals throughout British Columbia. As part of their mission, the MVSA provides mandatory certification courses for personnel who directly deal with consumers in retail vehicle sales. When their ability to provide training was hampered by logistics, travel costs, and access to remote, hard-to-reach areas, MVSA turned to NetSpeed Learning Solutions to develop a program that would provide timely, cost-effective and accessible training across a vast geographic area.

The Solution

Meet NetSpeed Fast Tracks, NetSpeed Learning Solutions’ online, customizable interactive learning platform that leverages emerging technologies in social media such as blogs, videos, interviews, and podcasts - complete with avatars - to help educate, train, and communicate with participants, while fostering a collaborative learning experience. With NetSpeed Fast Tracks, organizations can use a turnkey, state-of-the-art integrated learning platform to deliver their own customized learning content, as well as offer employees a wide variety of already developed customizable content on career development, workplace effectiveness, coaching and communication strategies, and management and leadership practices to help managers, supervisors and individual contributors become more successful in the workplace.

With NetSpeed Learning Solutions’ expertise, the MVSA was able to convert their popular, highly successful 2-day classroom certification course into a dynamic, online, blended training program that incorporates preliminary self-study online sessions followed by a series of five 2-hour facilitated webinar “virtual classroom” sessions. “What we really like about NetSpeed Fast Tracks is that we’re able to use the built-in administrator tools to go in and see how people are doing. It gives us the chance to reach out and encourage participants to get going and stay involved, which has kept our drop-out rate extremely low. Because this program requires active participation, we feel like our students are getting as much, if not more learning than they had been getting in the face-to-face classroom,” says Doug Longhurst, Director of Consumer Services and Professional Development. The program successfully combines the use of traditional and cutting-edge internet 2.0 learning tools to meet all the needs of their multi-generational audience.

First, the MVSA workbook is mailed to students in advance of the start date. Next, the MSVA administrator sends each student an invitation to register and start their self-study sessions on NetSpeed Fast Tracks. After each self-study session is completed, a facilitated webinar solidifies the learning and reviews all the important points. Students document key information in their workbooks, which later serve as a resource for an open book test that is given at the end of training. “With 25% of their grade dedicated to classroom participation, our students are very aware that their participation and attendance is important. It’s a different experience than the face-to-face classroom. At first we were skeptical about how well it would be received, but we see a lot of relationship-building as people chat and banter on particular topics. The online environment levels the playing field, too. Shy people are no longer hesitant to participate, and it eliminates the ‘blowhard’ syndrome. People like it, and they really have fun with it,” says Longhurst.


While the MVSA program is only in its second pilot, it has already proved a resounding success. “We had a 100% pass rate on the first group of students tested under this program,” says Longhurst. “Not only did our students succeed, but the online learning environment has established a relationship between us and our students that we know will be helpful in the long run. The communication door remains open, it’s a natural channel, and it will help us do a better job of performing our public responsibility and serving as a trusted and valuable resource for them in the future.” Longhurst also reports that the expense, travel and weather challenges that previously restricted their ability to give classes at remote locations have simply evaporated. “The virtual classroom is a perfect solution for a certain number of our provinces. Working with NetSpeed Learning Solutions made our transition easy,” adds Longhurst.