NetSpeed Fast Tracks: Social Media Tools that Drive Collaborative Learning

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Self-paced, online learning in a collaborative, media-rich virtual classroom

NetSpeed Fast Tracks is an integrated learning platform that supports social media and collaborative learning. Leverage emerging technologies in social media using powerful tools such as podcasts, videos, blogs and articles, with NetSpeed Fast Tracks™, our customizable, online learning platform that allows participants to engage in self-paced, learning activities in a virtual, collaborative learning environment. Take advantage of our extensive library of already developed content on career development, communication strategies, and management and leadership practices to help managers, supervisors and individual contributors become more successful in the workplace. Customize the platform with your own content and co-brand the site for your organization.

Reduce travel and training costs, while you keep learning interesting and fun, using the same tools and features your employees are already accustomed to using on the Internet.

  • Deliver important information from subject matter experts, training professionals, or your own company representatives using video, audio or text
  • Build and expand peer-to-peer learning
  • Distribute training directly to the desktop or mobile device
  • Keyword search for topics among an extensive library of hundreds of useful content items
  • Create classes or and post assignments with your own content
  • Approve content and designate authors
  • Manage, monitor and report by content and by user

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