NetSpeed Learning Solutions: Engaging People, Igniting Performance

Social Responsibility

We're committed to contributing positively to the world around us

As a deeply responsible company with hope for a better future for all of us, we can't help but be involved in the world around us. Through volunteer hours, cash donations and other commitments, we contribute each year to a variety of worthy organizations and causes. We invite our clients, families and friends to join in, participate when and where they can, and celebrate the joy of making a difference in the lives and hearts of others. Here a few of our own favorite causes:

Women's Business Exchange

Since 1992, NetSpeed Learning Solutions has been involved in Women's Business Exchange. Dedicated to helping women in business develop and grow their businesses, NetSpeed Learning Solutions President Cynthia Clay served on the Executive Board and the Board of Directors multiple times, including holding the roles of President and Chair. As part of her contributions, Ms. Clay conceived of and launched a WBE program called Business Ignition Groups (BIG) as way to provide women in smaller businesses with big business mentoring and support. NetSpeed Learning Solutions is a Gold Sponsor of WBE.

Center for Spiritual Living

The Center for Spiritual Living has been the place for people from all walks of life and spiritual paths to come together to learn more about themselves, about Spirit and how to use spiritual principles to build a better life and world. NetSpeed Learning Solutions President Cynthia Clay served on the Board of Trustees for six years and participated in an ambitious campaign to build a new $7 million sanctuary (completed in 2008). She now teaches 1st and 2nd graders in the Youth and Family Ministries program.

Technology Access Foundation

Technology Access Foundation Academy is a 6th-12th grade school model with a mission to prepare every student for college and for life through a rigorous and relevant Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) focused curriculum. TAF ensures that children of color are exposed to technology at an early age, develop computer skills, and are mentored into college.

Morningside Academy

Morningside Academy is a non-profit school that helps both elementary and middle school students catch up and get ahead. Its students have not previously reached their potential; many have learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD diagnoses; all have average to well above average intelligence. The Foundations Program focuses upon reading, writing, language, mathematics, reasoning and problem solving, organizational skills, learning skills, and citizenship.

NetSpeed Learning Solutions is an annual table sponsor at both the TAF Academy and the Morningside Academy annual fundraisers.

Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International and American Red Cross

NetSpeed Learning Solutions is an annual year-end contributor to Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International, and the American Red Cross. In addition, NetSpeed Learning Solutions maintains a “spot an error and we'll make a donation on your behalf” policy on all of their training materials.

Non-Profit Organizations

As part of our consultant and trainer certification program, NetSpeed Learning Solutions encourages all of their program participants to practice delivering their programs to a local, non-profit organization that is not able to afford leadership or customer service training. To encourage involvement, NetSpeed Learning Solutions donates training materials at no charge. As a result of this program a wide variety of non-profits are able to receive valuable training while newly minted NetSpeed Learning Solutions trainers get the opportunity to practice with a real audience before rolling out the program to their clients.


The international Transition Movement is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of a resilient, thriving future in response to the twin challenges of peak oil and global climate change. This national and global network of communities works to confront the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. NetSpeed Learning Solutions is an active member of the International Transition Movement and sponsored the first Transition Training (along with Sustainable NE Seattle) in Washington State in May 2009.

We see sustainability as a vital component of our daily business operation, and a way of life. Our employees have led the way in reducing, reusing and recycling. We reuse paper, recycle, and have a compost bin in the office. And we always encourage and support clients who wish to provide materials electronically.