NetSpeed Learning Solutions: Engaging People, Igniting Performance

Our Commitments to You

Our Products and Solutions Commitment

At NetSpeed Learning Solutions we're committed to developing better leaders and more engaged employees by providing innovative, intelligent and useful face-to-face and virtual learning products and solutions.

We continually strive to:

  • Engage people mentally, visually, kinesthetically and emotionally
  • Make learning fun
  • Blend facilitated classroom learning with web-based tools
  • Use tightly focused, short sessions
  • Help learners interact with their peers
  • Increase knowledge retention with planned follow-up assignments

Our Customer Commitment

We treasure our customers and recognize their role in our present and on-going success. Our relationship with our customers and our business partners is everything to us, which is why we approach each day, and each project, with these values in mind. We:

  • Deal directly and fairly with colleagues and clients
  • Are committed to relationships based on honesty and mutual trust
  • Encourage creative approaches to learning in our products and services
  • Respond to customer needs with innovative solutions
  • Build collaborative relationships that support the accomplishment of shared goals
  • Rely on the broad spectrum of talents found within our team to grow a successful company
  • Communicate with respect and listen to diverse viewpoints
  • Respond openly to the concerns and interests of our business partners
  • Strive to continually improve our business processes and products
  • Seek to improve the effectiveness of ourselves and our business partners through our commitment to personal and professional growth
  • Recognize that the drive for results should never over-shadow the need for a balanced life
  • Encourage balance in our commitment to work, family, community and self