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Bring Your V Game to the Digital World: The 6 Ps of Virtual Success (Part 2)

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Originally Published by Training Industry

Organizations that successfully master the digital environment for meetings, conversations, training and events attend to six elements: people, platforms, processes, programs, preparation and prowess. The first article in this series explored the first of these three elements: people, platforms and processes.

    1. People: Consider the differing needs and experience levels of your constituents.
    2. Platforms: Choose the best platform for each use or application (i.e., meeting, training or large event).
    3. Processes: Document roles and responsibilities, and identify simple processes to streamline adoption and application.

Part 2 focuses on the final three elements: programs, preparation and prowess.

Bringing your V game to the virtual environment requires learning how to capture and manage attention; engage participants in deeper discussions; reinforce learning; and build a comfortable, collaborative learning environment.

Posted by Cynthia Clay at 11:26 am