Blazing Service: Online Learning that Ignites Customer Loyalty

Blazing Service™ Module Descriptions

Each module listed below is designed to be delivered in a two-hour face-to-face classroom environment, or in a 90-minute web conference virtual classroom environment.

Part I

Module 1: Blazing the Service Path
  • Identify your personal service style and quality
  • Describe the blazing customer experience
  • Avoid the smoldering customer experience
Module 2: Thinking Like Your Customer
  • Internalize your organization’s customer service markers
  • Manage the customer’s expectations and experience
  • Engage customer loyalty with Blazing Service
Module 3: Winning Customer Hearts and Minds
  • Provide appropriate empathy to customers
  • Recognize customer types and needs
  • Apply the seven behaviors that engage customers

Part II

Module 4: Solving Customer Problems
  • “Own” the problem and the solution
  • Apply a 5-step model to resolve customer issues
  • Give options to engage customer satisfaction
Module 5: Handling the Heat
  • Defuse customer anger
  • Manage your emotions in the face of unreasonable demands
  • Transform heated emotions to resolved problems
Module 6: Fixing the Systems
  • Identify system issues that require attention
  • Communicate issues without blame or judgment
  • Recommend service enhancements