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At NetSpeed Learning Solutions, we are learning architects who design and deliver total learning experiences that drive business results. We offer a range of customizable solutions -- including solid learning content, easy-to-use platforms, superior services and dedicated staff -- to support your leadership training, supervisory training and customer service training initiatives. We are experts in adult learning principles and blended learning techniques that maximize learning transfer and improve performance. We provide the right solution, with the right delivery method, at the right price.

For today's fast-paced and technically advanced learning environment, NetSpeed Learning Solutions can help you repurpose your content for virtual learning and re-skill your trainers for webinar delivery. We provide both content and tools such as blogs, videos, knols, or podcasts to target your online classroom needs. Whether your solution is face-to-face, blended with online tools, or completely virtual, our team can help.

With NetSpeed Learning Solutions, you’ll find everything you need to get your next learning program up to speed. Our programs feature:

  • Relevant, practical content
  • Dynamic, interactive learning design
  • Engaging activities to facilitate knowledge transfer
  • Follow up reinforcement  to solidify new skills
  • Tracking and reporting tools to measure the impact of your training                  

Our Products and Solutions

Learning ProductsNetSpeed Interactive - Virtual Solutions
NetSpeed Leadership® Leadership Training Repurposing of Classroom Content for the Virtual Classroom

Blazing Service™ Customer Service Training

Public and Private Webinar Delivery
NetSpeed Fast Tracks™ Just-in-Time Learning Virtual Facilitator Training
Peer Power™  Professional Skills Development Virtual Host Training

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The NetSpeed Flawless Implementation Promise

NetSpeed Learning Solutions is committed to helping our customers implement their training programs so that they achieve or exceed their strategic goals. That requires minding details ‒ from the initial needs analysis all the way to providing metrics to the project stakeholders. We support our customers at every step by providing best practices, resources and tools. We take this commitment so seriously that we’ve given it a name: the NetSpeed Flawless Implementation Promise.

Even the best training materials and most experienced trainers won’t be able to achieve your strategic goals unless the program addresses the big picture. That means taking every aspect into account, including management and participant buy-off, dedicated resources, support, follow-up and metrics. That’s why we’ve created a Flawless Implementation Roadmap for each of our training programs and services. We are here to partner with you by providing the process and the tools throughout the entire process, including needs analysis, design / customization, delivery, implementation and finally, evaluation of the results.

Let us work with you to co-create your own flawless implementation.