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We transform the global workplace through flawless virtual leadership and communication. Simply put, we help leaders lead better virtually.

Our clients partner with us to:

  • Develop leaders who connect, motivate and manage skillfully in the virtual workplace
  • Strengthen virtual relationships to increase accountability and commitment to performance
  • Conduct interactive, effective virtual team meetings that build collaboration and consensus
  • Excel in the virtual classroom and conference room, engaging people anywhere they work
  • Transition to the virtual classroom with ease through world-class virtual design and delivery                 

Our clients describe us as responsive, flexible, customer-focused experts who understand the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders and learners in the virtual workplace.

Our Products and Solutions

Developing Better Leaders

  • Virtual Leader™: Five webinar workshops that strengthen specific skills needed by the virtual manager to build collaborative, accountable, high-performing teams in the virtual workplace.
  • NetSpeed Leadership®: 24 classroom and virtual courses that increase the leadership development, performance management, and professional skills of first and second level managers.

Developing Better Virtual Learning

  • Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification™ Course: Specifically designed to help experienced classroom trainers become engaging and effective facilitators in the virtual classroom.
  • Virtual Host Course: Specifically designed to help technical support staff develop the tools and skills to become successful webinar host/producers.
  • Instructional Design and Delivery Services: Experienced instructional designers highly skilled in virtual design techniques design or repurpose existing classroom content for the virtual environment as well as host, produce and facilitate your courses.

The NetSpeed Flawless Implementation Promise

NetSpeed Learning Solutions is committed to helping our customers implement their training programs so that they achieve or exceed their strategic goals. That requires minding details ‒ from the initial needs analysis all the way to providing metrics to the project stakeholders. We support our customers at every step by providing best practices, resources and tools. We take this commitment so seriously that we’ve given it a name: the NetSpeed Flawless Implementation Promise.

Even the best training materials and most experienced trainers won’t be able to achieve your strategic goals unless the program addresses the big picture. That means taking every aspect into account, including management and participant buy-off, dedicated resources, support, follow-up and metrics. That’s why we’ve created a Flawless Implementation Roadmap for each of our training programs and services. We are here to partner with you by providing the process and the tools throughout the entire process, including needs analysis, design / customization, delivery, implementation and finally, evaluation of the results.

Let us work with you to co-create your own flawless implementation.

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Actionable Suggestions for New Leaders

From the NetSpeed Blog:

The Needs of Remote Workers
October 7, 2015

The ATD blog recently included a summary of an article by Meredith Haberfield that appeared in Forbes, "Creating Successful Remote Workers."

Organizations of all sizes are rapidly moving to remote workforces as a way to reduce the overhead costs associated with maintaining physical work locations. The ATD post points to the “decline of workplace culture” as a serious disadvantage of the virtual workforce. The great benefit is the ability to attract and retain talent anywhere in the world.

Virtual team members often report that they enjoy greater autonomy and flexibility when working remotely. However, they also report that they can feel isolated, disconnected and invisible. In order to be effective in this new workplace, virtual leaders have to pay conscious attention not just to developing strong workplace cultures but also to ensuring collaboration occurs within their virtual teams. What matters most, especially to Millennial workers, is that they develop strong collaborative relationships doing work that has meaning and impact in the world.

The virtual workplace culture needs to be built on strong, regular communication that capitalizes on a variety of web-based collaboration tools (Skype, web-conferencing, Yammer, etc.) every remote worker is comfortable using for the right purpose at the right time. Are your virtual leaders ready?

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